See anything wrong with this roof?

See anything wrong with this roof?

Update from post on May 2017

Today 4.19.19, roofing job didn’t last long.

In my job, which takes me all over the state of New Hampshire. I’m always looking at houses and seeing different issues as I travel.  Some are entertaining to say the least such as this one that made me pull over to take a picture.

See anything wrong?


How about now?

This is rolled roofing or built up, should be installed on low slope roofs only, no more 4/12 pitch.  The slope of a roof is the ratio of its rise to its run. The picture above is 12/12 or 12’ over a 12’ run.

What caught my eye was the installation. Here are just a few of the major problems. Built up roofing should be running horizontal not vertical as it is here. The black vertical strips you see are glue strips that the top layer should be installed over to make a tight seal.

Rolled roofing usually comes in 36” wide rolls and is made of the same material as asphalt shingles. In a single ply application strips are laid parallel to the edge of the roof from eaves to ridge with overlapping.

On the left the rolled roofing is just laid over the asphalt shingles. This will not hold up over time.

Building codes on built up roofs…running horizontal. Depending on the application each layer should be installed covering half the layer below it.  Average life expectancy is 10~15 years.

The shame here is someone spent the time and money trying to fix a roof that may not last a season or through a bad wind storm.

Moral: It may make sense to hire a professional if what you’re looking to do is to save time and money.

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