Home Inspection Client Testimonials

More than 200 testimonials from clients and real estate agents. All dated so you know they are current, real, and on one inspector, Stephen Gaudet delivering the same high quality service every time.

What you need to know;

* I only perform 1 or 2 inspections a day. Why? They take time, and you receive the report same day. Often low cost inspectors and amateurs try for 3 a day, miss something and get sued.

* Always check for reviews on Google, Yelp and BBB it may save you from making a big mistake that will cost you money.

Joyce S., Hooksett

Very thorough and very informative. I really learnt a lot with your inspection. Thank ...

Mark B., Mont Vernon

Steve You saved me from making a 250K mistake. The price of inspection was ...

Elisabeth B., Manchester

Steve impressed us with his knowledge and experience before we even met. His website ...

Lindsay & Leigh Perret, Durham

Steve, Would absolutely recommend you to anyone in the market for a new home. ...

Jason P., Gilford

Steven showed up to the site of the inspection early and was already done ...